I build sculptural furniture.

For twenty years I called myself a sculptor with light, as I pursued my career in advertising photography. For another fifteen years I sculpted properties, renovating mostly historic properties… winning a Metro Historic Architecture award along the way.

What am I gonna be when I grow up? When I was eight, making wooden keys for Christmas presents, I thought I was a woodworker. In hindsight, I was right. “Third time is the charm,” they say. “Take your time and get it right.”

Wood makes me tingle…no, really…when I embrace a slab of wood, I get this most delicious feeling in the palms of my hands. I feel a kinship, a responsibility, if you will, to find the voice of the wood…to reveal it’s finest nature…to help find its highest and best use. So now I’m building one of a kind art pieces, from wood that that speaks to me.

I strive to interpret it correctly…I would hate to disappoint a friend.

- Jim